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Working with data-driven templates

When should I use legends and keys? Where should I put them?

These are important questions - very important questions.

  1. When should I use legends and keys?
    Whenever possible avoid using a legend or key. It is a kindness to your audiences. Don't make them work hard to interpret your message. Even searching for keys and legends adds an extra step for them as they are trying to take in the message. Whenever possible label your bars, segments, lines, etc., instead of relying on a legend or key. Obviously, it is not always possible to avoid them, but be careful and deliberate with their use.
  2. Where should I put them?
    When you do need to use legends, don't use the legends that are generated within Microsoft Graph. They don't appear in a consistent enough manner. use the legends in to009 and make sure they are placed in exactly the same spot on every slide that requires a legend. This is another kindness to your audience. They will search it out once and remember where it is on subsequent slides. Consistency, consistency, consistency …