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Working with Frameworks

How can I best use the downloadable animation schemes?

The primary function of the downloadable animation schemes is to provide an possible animation sequence. This scheme is not, of course, the only scheme you can or should use.

You can copy the downloadable animation scheme page into your document and adjust the contents to suit your purposes. However, you should be aware that anytime a page from one template, with all of it's preferences/defaults, is copied into another template, with its own set of preferences/defaults, there is going to be some skewing. Therefore, when you copy the downloadable animation scheme into your template, you should expect that the text and colors will skew to to your template's preferences/defaults.

This means that you will have to reformat the contents of the PowerFrameworks downloadable animation scheme after you copy it into your presentation so that it appears consistent with the rest of your presentation. The differences can range from slight to significant, depending on the differences between the defaults in the two templates. The animation will transfer over, but the formatting will not.

If you ungroup fields you'll have to reanimate. If you make additions, you'll have to animate and then order them in the scheme.