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Working with Frameworks

How can I create an oval photograph from a rectangular photograph?

We don't normally provide PowerPoint tutorials, but learning how to create an oval photograph from a rectangular photograph is important to know when using the design elements like the oval version in the de011 design element series.

First of all, you want to keep this in mind: only a horizontally oriented photograph can be used to produce a horizontally oriented oval. If the orientations are mixed, the photographs will skew and become unusable.

  1. Identify the photo(s) you wish to convert to ovals and click insert - picture - New Photo Album from the menu (see below).

  1. Click on File/Disk button and navigate to the photo you wish to make oval. Double click on the photo or select insert.

  1. In the Album Layout section: choose 4 pictures for picture layout and oval for frame shape and click create at the bottom of the screen.

The picture will show up in a newly created PowerPoint document, from which you can copy the newly "ovalized" photograph into your presentation and size it to fit with the oval design element. Easy.