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Working with Frameworks

What is the best format for me to download?

If you are adding a framework to an existing page, download the EMF or PNG formats onto your desktop and then drag them onto your page. If you want to start a new page with a PowerFrameworks graphic already on the page, download the PPT.

The downloadable PowerFramework files can be opened in PowerPoint for the PC and Mac. This is generally going to be your best format to download, for both PC or Macintosh operating systems.

Power Point for the PC can use the following downloads

  • PowerPoint
  • PNG
  • EMF

PowerPoint for Mac can use the following downloads

  • PowerPoint
  • PNGS

Frameworks that have an EMF download can be imported into PowerPoint for both Mac and PC. However please note that EMF files do not import well into Macintosh. EMF is a native file format for Windows which is created by a collection of commands made to the Graphic Device Interface (GDI) file, which is the file Windows uses to draw on-screen objects as well as print them to non-PostScript printers.

Modifying Files

PowerPoint files have been set up to be as modifiable as possible in PowerPoint for PC and Mac.

EMF files can also be opened and modified in programs such as Adobe Illustrator (this works on both Mac and PC).

PNGs can be opened and modified in PhotoShop, Fireworks, and a number of other graphic applications.