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Working with Frameworks

Why are the frameworks so basic? Can't we just draw them ourselves?

In some cases the frameworks are basic and, yes, you can draw them. Bear in mind, however, that It is time consuming and costly to create a set of frameworks that are both high quality and consistent. PowerFrameworks were engineered with specific objectives in mind:

  1. They are developed to provide a maximum amount of space for text/content. For example, the puzzle pieces are linked like puzzles and look like a puzzle pieces, but the content area is larger than most electronic or other types of puzzle pieces. Therefore, you can place more text or graphics into the pieces. We approached all framework development with this objective.
  2. The frameworks series within categories are drawn so that they can be mixed and matched. This is an important attribute because it provides valuable options that enable you to create very tailored messages. For example, the ability to take a segment from one flow framework and mix it with a segment from another flow framework gives you a universe of possible variations.
  3. The visual consistency has been addressed. This means that, for example, the arrow angles from framework to framework are the same. You, therefore, have a more polished presentation when these types of details are addressed.