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Working with Text Tables

How can I save graphic fields and text as pictures and import them into table cells?

You can saving graphic fields and text as pictures and them import them into PowerPoint and Word documents as "photographs." This is useful and necessary in a few situations: importing background graphics into cells of tables, importing text and graphics into Word documents so the text does not take on the style attributes, applying photograph formatting in PowerPoint 2007, etc. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on or corral the graphics, text, or combination so that all of the fields are active
  2. Right click on them and select Save as Picture …
  3. On the next menu that comes up a) give the picture a name, b) select the file type (the picture will default to EMF file type, which you can change to jpg or png if you wish), and c. route the new picture to a place on your computer where you can find it again.

Instructions on how to insert pictures into pre-PowerPoint 2007

You can drag photographs onto slides and then resize and format them as you choose. You cannot drag a photograph into a table cell. You must import them as follows:

  1. Click in the table cell for which you want to import a background graphic
  2. Click on the paint bucket as if you were going to add a fill color but select Fill Effects … instead
  3. Click on the Picture tab on top of the menu
  4. Click on Select Picture …
  5. Navigate to where you saved the picture(s) you just made
  6. Double click on the picture you wish to import into the cell
  7. The picture is now added to the cell. The picture is a background in the cell and you can type over it.

Instructions on how to insert pictures into PowerPoint 2007

  1. Drag or import the picture(s) you just created onto the slide
  2. Arrange them so you can see them all. They don't need to be neat and orderly, just visible
  3. Click on and copy (Ctrl c) a picture that you wish to import into a table cell. This places the picture into your clipboard
  4. Click on the cell into which you wish to paste the picture you just copied and right click and select Format Shape …
  5. Click on Picture or texture fill
  6. Click on Clipboard
  7. The picture is now imported into the cell and you can type over it
  8. Repeat for every cell as desired.