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Getting Started

How do I import a PPT into my presentation?

  1. Open your PowerPoint document
    1. Select slide sorter view
  2. Find the PowerFramework you want
    1. Click on Download PowerPoint
    2. Open the downloaded PowerPoint document
    3. Select slide sorter view
    4. Copy the PowerFramework page
  3. Return to your PowerPoint document
    1. Select Paste to copy the framework into your document
    2. Reposition the framework within the document where you want it to appear, if necessary

Depending on how your defaults are set up within your template, one of the two things will probably happen.

  1. Most likely the page will come in and take on all the attributes of your template defaults (it will look exactly like the rest of the pages within your presentation).
  2. Sometimes it will come in and still have the attributes of the PowerPoint template. There will be a little menu under the newly imported page (Paste Options). Click it and select "Use Design Template Formatting." The imported page will then take on the appearance of your presentation.

In most cases the line will be black and there will be no fill in the imported PowerFramework.

You are ready to begin customizing the PowerFramework.

These instructions are generally for PC users and may vary slightly for Mac users.