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Solving the PowerPoint Predicament:
Using Digital Media for Effective Communication

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Solving the PowerPoint Predicament

Solving the PowerPoint Predicament
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Master VISUALLY Microsoft Office 2007
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By Tom Bunzel (© 2005)

Book Overview

Although PowerPoint is in the title, it simply illustrates the problem that is solved by this book.  People see digital media used everywhere for effective communication.  The next door neighbor's kid has a blog, rips CDs and creates DVDs of his or her personal content.

The corporate leader, educator and professional is stuck trying to create a new PowerPoint slide and figuring out where to click.

There are scores of books about PowerPoint; I've written two of them. 

There are also hundreds of books on creating presentations (from a business perspective) along with additional theoretical resources on how to be poised in front of an audience, what to say, and how to create effective visuals.

Unfortunately these two tracks seldom meet.  The technology books about PowerPoint and other applications are in the “Computer” section and when opened, generally focus on learning a program. 

The business theory books provide great resources and while they provide the all-important “Why” of using technology, they can't provide the know-how.

For example, I recently reviewed Gene Zelzazny's “Say it with Charts!”, and the “Absolute Beginner's Guide to Presentations” by Jerry Weissman. 

They really got my PowerPoint juices going because as an experienced trainer (“Professor PowerPoint” with numerous clients and appearances on Tech TV), I instantly knew how to translate those communication concepts into effective slides, presentations and potentially digital video and DVD.

These books and other like them provide excellent examples of how to structure a talk and use graphics effectively.  In a perfect world the executive(s) would take the concepts to heart and tell their staffers (who actually know PowerPoint and video editing) the types of projects they need to create.

Optimally, they would have a two to three week development cycle in which the story and supporting graphics were carefully tailored and crafted the presentation rehearsed with a group of colleagues for feedback.



Instead most executives fancy themselves PowerPoint “experts” and “craft” their crummy presentations in the airport Presidents' Club or in the cab to the event itself.

If they have read the “business” books on presentations they are clueless as to how to make PowerPoint do the wonderful things these authors describe.

If they pick up a “technology” book on how to use PowerPoint, they are bored to death by the time they reach the section on charts and animation.

The bottom line is that neither mastering PowerPoint nor crafting a good presentation is rocket science.  But coordinating them both requires a knowledge of PowerPoint that transcends “click CTRL + M to create a New Slide” to here's how you build the kind of slides that truly tell the story you know you need to tell.

That's the solution to be provided in “Solving the PowerPoint Predicament” – the first really useful PowerPoint book for business executives and the first lucid business book for PowerPoint professionals.

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