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Frameworks & Resources

What PowerFrameworks has to offer:

Free samples

You are invited to download and use sample frameworks with our compliments!


Series are groups of frameworks that have a similar look and purpose. Search for series when you are looking for a visual concept or layout idea for a slide


Frameworks are the individual graphics within a series that are imported into presentations. Frameworks can be customized to reflect/complement your presentation's appearance.

Usually the frameworks within a series will have the same look but a different number of divisions

Power Charts

Creating an impactful presentation requires careful and thoughtful message development. A well-crafted chart can convey a concept better and quicker than a verbal description.

Featured Articles

Tutorials can also be accessed from the series detail pages.

Series Tutorials

(tutorials can also be accessed from the series detail pages)

Working with PowerFrameworks

Techniques for working with frameworks, data-driven charts and text tables.

Best Practices

Do it right the first time! Best practices library of quick-hit miniarticles. These will be a paragraph or two about strategies and methodologies for production processes, message development, document structuring, consistencies, etc.