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Framework: AV004 – av004_0104_v02


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1 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
4 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: AV004 Arrow Variation 004 – Many Rectangles to One Arrow

Series Keywords: flow, contributors, multiple causes and single effect, transformation, arrow, many to one

Flows are the most widely used design element/framework in presentations:steps, cause and effect, definition, progression, etc.Because flow applications are so broad, they need to developed in a tremendous number of variations in order to illustrate an exact message.Think carefully about the message you are attempting to convey and search for the PowerFramework that is best suited for the purpose.

Arrow variations offer a diversion from the straight-line flows.They are structured into a variety of arrangements, each offering a slightly different feel that will match your message if you select the right one.You should browse the arrow variation series carefully to be sure you select just the right PowerFramework.

The frameworks in this series are a many-to-one concept, which can illustrate factors affecting an end result, contributions to an effort, questions that have one answer, activities that produce a payoff (or not), etc.

There are two seemingly identical versions of the each framework. V01 and V02 work slightly differently when bevels are applied in PowerPoint 2007. Download both if you plan to use this feature and decide which you like the best.

Use this framework with other frameworks or on its own to show many items flowing into one concept or entity. Refer to the tutorial for tips on formatting.

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