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Framework: DE001 – 03white


Part of series: DE001 Design Element 001 – White Round/Oval Drop Shadow

Series Keywords: design, emphasis, shadow, drop shadow, outline, eclipse, lift, oval, circle

The frameworks in this series are white shadows and a transparent center that can be used with presentations that have a dark background. These frameworks provide an added little flourish to elevate the look of your presentations. You can use them as a frame around a photograph (to soften the blunt edges) or to highlight text and graphic elements. Choose the size that is most appropriate for your intended use and adjust the sizing as little as possible. If you import a large oval and size it down too far, you lose much of the shadow effect. You want to preserve the size of the shadow as much as possible.

Each downloadable PowerPoint in this series has all of the design elements for this series included. These elements were designed to be used alone on a slide or in multiples. See the tutorial for information about using and sizing these design elements.

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