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dd001 v2

Part of series: DD001 – Data-Driven Chart 001 Area Charts

dd001 v2

This is a basic area chart and the most commonly used form of area charts. The volumes stack on top of each other, creating a "total" at the top. The Y (vertical) axis is the only axis that has a label because the years on the x (horizontal) axis are self-explanatory. You may wish to eliminate the unit field under the y axis label if the values have a "$" or a "%". In the event you wish to use a less obvious unit on the x axis, you should add a label to identify the axis measurements. This area chart has been reduced in size to occupy only the left-hand side of the slide. Use this template if you want to add another graphic or text to the right-hand side of the slide.

This template, when copied into your template, will take on the default attributes of your template. The colors of the areas will automatically change to your template's palette. This may also mean that you will need to adjust the size of the text and axis line colors, etc. Refer to the tutorial for more formatting information and also the FAQs relating to working with data-driven charts.