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Framework: DD003 – dd003_v1


This is a basic grouped bar chart. Grouped bar charts compare values across categories. To avoid redundancy, a legend is recommended to identify the different colored bars. The labels to the left of the vertical baseline are for identifying each category of grouped bars. 

Part of series: DD003 Data-Driven Charts 003 – Grouped Bar Charts

Series Keywords: butted bars, flag charts, vertical baseline, grouped bars

Grouped (butted) bar charts are great for showing comparisons of items within categories and then showing the the comparisons for the categories. Like all bar charts, the grouped bar chart also shows ranking. The top bar in the top butted category usually sets the ranking. If the categories are comprised of years or other nonranked data, this rule does not apply.

Any bars that share a baseline should also be the same unit. Avoid mixing, for example, percentages and quantities on the same baseline.

When this page is downloaded and placed into your template, it will take on the default attributes of your template; but some adjustments may need to be made. Refer to the tutorial and FAQs about using the data-driven charts for useful formatting information.

Key search words: butted bars, flag charts, vertical baseline, grouped bars

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