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dd003 v3

Part of series: DD003 – Data-Driven Chart 003 Grouped Bar Charts

dd003 v3

This chart has two grouped bar charts that use the same category labels. To save space and also avoid redundancy, the labels are placed in the center so that they identify both sets of grouped bars. This is a good option if space is an issue. The grouped bars on the left of the category labels are reversed, but they are still positive numbers. A legend is recommended with this chart to identify the different colored bars.

A good use of this type of chart is when you are presenting two different units for the same categories and sets of bars. It is usually preferred that the values for each bar be clearly identified on the outside of the end of the bar. But this alternative is sometimes preferred when the numbers are not as important as the comparisons in general or it is strategically beneficial to conceal the exact numbers. See dd003_v2 for the alternative to this chart. dd003_v2 shows the values, and does not rely on a horizontal axis at the top of the two charts.

When this page is downloaded and placed into your template, it will take on the default attributes of your template; but some adjustments may need to be made. Refer to the tutorial and FAQs about using the data-driven charts for useful formatting information.