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Framework: DD005 – dd005_v3


Use this template if you have more than one color to plot. Different colors add a fourth dimension to the data you are presenting. This template is set up with a legend to identify the meaning for each color; but if there aren't very many bubbles on the chart, eliminate the legend and label each bubble.

Part of series: DD005 Data-Driven Charts 005 – Bubble Charts

Series Keywords: bubble, cluster, three variables, scatter

Bubble charts plot three variables: two variables based on the x and y axes and also volume, which is shown as bubble size. When a template from this series is put into your template, the colors will change to your template's color scheme. Be sure that the legend colors match the bubble colors.

Since the the bubble template will assume the defaults set in your company's presentation template, you may need to make some adjustments to the font size, color, whether it has bullets, etc.

Key search words: bubble, cluster, three variables, scatter

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