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Framework: DD006 – dd006_v06


This is a variation on v05. The column charts on this slide share column labels vertically. The top and bottom charts' labels are below the bottom chart. This chart configuration is good for comparing data between sets of charts. The first set is comprised of the top and bottom chart on left and the second set is the top and bottom chart on the right.

Part of series: DD006 Data-Driven Charts 006 – Column Charts

Series Keywords: column, volume, x-axis timing, histogram

Column charts show volume. They are one of the most widely used and versatile chart types. Check the individual descriptions for each of these charts to understand each one's application. Also, the tutorial is helpful in understanding how to work with and format these charts.

When this page is downloaded and placed into your template, it will take on the default attributes of your template; but some adjustments may need to be made. Refer to the FAQ section dedicated to data-driven charts if you have any questions. There are also best practices focused on data-driven charts that would help you make good decisions when laying these charts out on a page.

Key search words: column, volume, x-axis timing, histogram

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