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Framework: DD009 – dd009_v03


This is a column and line chart combination. The column axis is the left-hand y and the line chart axis is the right-hand y. The position of the legends on this chart is a departure from where they would normally appear. You can also color the y axes to match the color of the column and lines, as appropriate, to make the connection. Whatever method you use, be sure to make it clear to your audience which axis goes with which set of data.

Part of series: DD009 Data-Driven Charts 009 – Combination Charts

Series Keywords: dual axis, multiple chart types, complex charts

Combination charts help you tell a more complete story. In many cases, the provide an opportunity to break out a section to show more detail. In other cases, they just add layers of information. Use these combination charts or create your own combinations to present your information completely and sequentially.

Key search words: dual axis, multiple chart types, complex charts

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