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Framework: CN019 – cn019_v2


This version of the scale is in EMF format. That means that you can add fill and line colors, gradients, and any other type of formatting that enhances the look of the illustration.

Part of series: CN019 Concept 019 – Scale

Series Keywords: scale, weigh, weight, compare, measure, weighted average

This scale has movable parts. The part above the base can be swiveled so that it dips in different directions and at different angles. The platforms that hold the weighed objects stay horizontal. There are two measurement devices and a weight built into the scale, so a more refined message can be developed: weighted averages, ranges of measurement, units of measurement visually defined, etc.

The small circles on the movable part and the base are for alignment purposes. The dots on the movable part and the platforms are also for alignment purposes. Use the swivel tool in PowerPoint to create the desired angle for the movable part of the scale. Be sure the refer to the tutorial before animating the scale. There are good tricks in the tutorial to help you make this happen correctly.

IMPORTANT: v1 is PNG format and not editable (no color can be added, although a photograph tint can be added if you are using PowerPoint 2007). v2 is formattable (fills and line colors can be added). Download the correct version according to your needs. Both are PowerPoint downloads only.

Refer to the tutorial for more information about formatting and animating the scale.

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