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cn003 v04b

Part of series: CN003 – Concept 003 Locks and Keys

cn003 v04b

v04b: This version is in PNG format and not editable. The lock and key come in with white fill and black lines. PNGs are simple to work with and they can be animated. v04a of the lock and key is completely editable in PowerPoint. All of the individual fields are available for applying fill and line colors, which means that there are a lot of formatting options.

Be sure you understand which format would best suit your purpose before downloading.

Notice that this version has a background (shown in blue). This is necessary because the keys extend beyond the lock, which you don't want. So bear this in mind when doing your layering. The background is actually in two fields. When you download it, look to see how it is constructed and be sure that your finished lock and key retain this background format (using different colors, of course, or maybe a wood finish).