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Framework: DD017 – dd017_v1


Donut charts are simply a way of stacking pie charts. They provide a more readily interpretable presentation of a few pie charts. The only drawback is that they are hard to label. The series example gives a good option for labeling, which uses leader lines and does not obscure any of the data-driven segments.

Unlike most of PowerPoint's other data-driven formats, we advocate the use of border lines around the segments. These border lines make it possible to quickly identify each "pie chart."

Part of series: DD017 Data-Driven Charts 017 – Donut Charts

Series Keywords: segments of whole, pie chart alternative

Donut charts simply display "stacked pie charts." Each "donut" of data is essentially a pie chart and, together, provide an easy comparison between donuts (pies). Pies are a way to segments of a whole; donuts are a way to compare the segments of many wholes.

The are a little difficult to label, however. The series example shows labeling using leader lines that does not obscure the segments of the donuts. The leader lines are a good option.

PowerFrameworks usually advocates for not border lines around segments. This is an instance where border lines are essential. The border lines around the segments define the different pies.

Key search words: segments of whole, pie chart alternative

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