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Framework: BA012 – ba012_0201


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2 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: BA012 Bullet Alternatives 012 – Circle and Call-Out Boxes

Series Keywords: circle and call outs, bullet alternative

This series is stylish and perfect for introducing a main item and subordinate items (a one-to-many format). These frameworks can be used effectively as a table of contents and then reduced to be used as a tracker within the presentation.

The PowerPoint download has been colored with grays to show you how you might apply your own colors: the circle is dark and behind the horizontal callouts, which are lighter and semitransparent.

There are two version in the PowerPoint downloads: one without a gradient on the horizontal callout and one with a gradient (like the example above). Just delete the one you don't need. The version without the gradient is used to contain small amounts of text. The version with the gradient can accommodate more text because there is no right-hand boundary.

Download the animation example and refer to the tutorial for formatting tips.

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