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Framework: SG025 – sg025_0601


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6 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: SG025 Segment 025 – Interchangeable Puzzle Pieces – Vertical

Series Keywords: interchangeable, pieces of whole, puzzle, piece

These are interchangeable puzzle pieces. The pieces from any of the frameworks in this series will work together. The series example has been put together from the 3-piece framework and the 4-piece framework. Lots of ultimate variations.

These puzzles hold a lot of content. The series example shows text only, but there is enough room to put a photograph or icon in each. This is a powerful framework suggesting interdependence to create a whole without the inference of a flow – much better than a line of vertically oriented rectangles, yes?

See the tutorial for good formatting tips for these puzzles. Also, the animated example is a good resource.

Key search words: interchangeable, pieces of whole, puzzle, piece

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