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Framework: EM012 – em012_v06


Part of series: EM012 Emphasis 012 – Fireworks

Series Keywords: explosion, fireworks; extravaganza, special event, 4th of July, special event, celebration

These fireworks are brilliant. They're like a party on your slide when animated with zooms and fades. Be sure to download the animated example to see how it works.

Use them when you have something spectacular to announce. Notice that the backgrounds for the fireworks are transparent? Look at the series example to see how the fireworks "float" over the template background. This is a nice feature.

Lisa (PowerFrameworks Team Member) photographed these fireworks on July 4th in Madera, California. They are great individual fireworks that can be used in rapid succession or massed together for a "grand finale" burst. As with real fireworks, they need to have a dark background: very dark blue or black seemed to look the best. Have fun using them.

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