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Framework: RE031 – re031_angle_v03


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2 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
2 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: RE031 Relationship 031 – Stylized Quadrants

Series Keywords: quadrant, matrix chart, flow to center chart

This series is a collection of stylized quadrants springing from/associated with a center thought or topic.Whenever you have four topics to discuss, one of the frameworks in this series may be perfect for the job. There are three basic designs; so if you use several of these frameworks in your presentation, be sure to use variations within the same design group.

Some of the quadrants have side blocks, some have top and bottom blocks, and some have both. They can be used as heading fields, takeaways, or any number of descriptive uses. The arrow design is meant to be used as a flow to text or graphics.

Be sure to check the tutorial for formatting tips.

The background used in the example for this series is courtesy of ppted.com.
Visit http://www.ppted.com to view their library of backgrounds.

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