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re027 matrices - Matrix

Part of series: RE027 – Relationship 027 Matrix

re027 matrices - Matrix

Framework Divisions:

4 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
0 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

This layout for a matrix is stylish and the horizontal axis (middle arrow) and vertical axis (center arrow) can be easily color coded. The text within the arrows needs to be brief, and the vertical arrow necessitates text that is sideways. The character spacing on the stacked text option in PowerPoint 2007 cannot be calibrated to look exactly like that of the text for the horizontal arrow. In the series example, we opted for sidways text.

We typicaly don't advocate for sideways text; but if the arrow text is very brief, it will not be too much of a hardship for the audience to read. Refer to the tutorial for the best way to cycle through the different quadrants of the matrix and formatting techniques.

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