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Framework: CN068 – cn068_EMF


Part of series: CN068 Concept 068 – Juggling

This series of Stanleys illustrates the common concepts of multitasking, being in control, being out of control, success, failure, overworked, and teamwork to name a few. This series does not include the usual PNGs, because Stanley needs to be interactive with other objects, which requires layering.

The downloads are colored with light tan fills and a darker tan outline. The clothing and shoes are also colored in hues of tan. The coloring can be changed to match your template, however. Review the tutorial to understand the coloring techniques. Also, pay specific attention to the layering as you place juggling objects in Stanley's hands.

In addition to the different positions, there are interchangeable heads so you can illustrate the juggler as being happy, concerned, blindfolded, unhappy, etc. These facial expressions are important to the overall message in some cases.

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