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Framework: TO023 – to023_v06


This questions slide is a blend between a simple graphic and a timer.  If you are very good at timing your presentation and allow a precise amount of time for questions and answers, then this might be the way to go.  You can couple the questions and answers graphic text with any of the timers in the Timing Category.  This download contains the 15-minute timer.  You can also, create timers for any specified amount of time.  See the tutorial for the timers to learn how this is done – it's pretty simple.  The text on this slide is a graphic and, therefore, eligible for both line and fill coloring.  Since it is a graphic, it can also be animated in a number of really nice ways.  We've animated the download already, but you can change it to whatever you wish.

You can always format the timer or embellish this page with other photos, etc.  You can, of course, use it as is as well.  We suggest that you use your title page for the Q&A page instead of a content page.  Question slides are usually the last page of the presentation and it's nice to finish a presentation with the same look as the title page.   

See the tutorial for other formatting tips.

Part of series: TO023 Tool 023 – Questions

Series Keywords: Q&A, questions, answers, discussion

Questions-and-answers slides are usually not very interesting. The frameworks in this series are interesting and unique! The text on these slides are graphics (instead of fonts), so the words can be formatted and animated more broadly.

Each of the downloads in this series has been animated. Be sure to read the framework detail to learn how each variation was approached and assembled. Then download a few and view them in slide show mode. The thumbnails do not do them justice.

V07 and v11 use puzzles to suggest a missing piece that will be filled by a question-and-answer period. We created the picture for the puzzle message. You can create your own puzzle messages for a more targeted slide. The FAQ entitled, "How do I cut a photograph into puzzle pieces" will help you make your targeted message into the puzzle pieces. There is more discussion on this in the tutorial.

The tutorial will be helpful if you want to reformat or reanimate the downloads. We added a downloadable animation scheme, but all of the downloads are animated. You can decide if you want to download it or not.

Key search words: Q&A, questions, answers, discussion

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