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to023 v07

Part of series: TO023 – Tool 023 Questions

to023 v07

This download is larger than most, so be patient as it downloads. It is 1,788KB.

The intersection question/answer graphic has been coupled with a puzzle with an imported graphic of its own. We created the simple puzzle graphic in PowerPoint and saved it as a picture. We then followed the instructions found in this FAQ to import the graphic into the puzzle pieces. You can create your own saying in PowerPoint and save it as a picture for a more targeted puzzle phrase.

The text on this slide is a graphic and, therefore, eligible for both line and fill coloring. Since it is a graphic, it can also be animated in a number of really nice ways. We've animated the download already, but you can change it to whatever you wish.

This graphic combination may be too large for use on your title page (we like to end a presentation with the title page background), so you may have to use a content page for this slide.

See the tutorial for other formatting tips.