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Framework: BA009 – ba009_0104_square_v05


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1 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
4 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: BA009 Bullet Alternatives 009 – Bars with Insets

Series Keywords: bars, vertical stack, inset

These uniquely shaped bars with either a square or circle inset can be used in a few different ways. The inset can contain numbers, pictures, a few descriptive words, or an icon. The series example uses clocks (series ti003) in the round inset to create a timeframe for an event . These frameworks work best when there are not very many. The downloads contain stacks of four bars, except the graduated bars – they contain five. More than four or five makes the inset too small to use effectively unless you are just inserting numbers.

The different widths of the stack sets that are available allow you to put other information on the slide if you wish. Resist the urge to resize the sets horizontally; instead, download another set with the correct width.

The bars can hold a paragraph,bullets, or a lead-in sentence and bullets.

The shapes are not easily drawn, so you won't see them often. These types of shapes imply that the work has been customized or developed by a professional.

See the tutorial for formatting tips and examples of different applications.

Key search words: bars, vertical stack, inset

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