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Framework: BA010 – ba010_0600_f-b_down


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1 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: BA010 Bullet Alternatives 010 – Panels

Series Keywords: Key search words: accordion chart, fan chart, panel chart, ribbon chart

This series doesn't completely eliminate bullets, but it does compartmentalize information in a more interesting way. These panels present a progression of thought or a series of related ideas. The series example shows a progression of time: school, career, current aspirations.

You can use these frameworks over several pages, e.g., an upward flow from back to front on one page and then a downward flow from back to front on the next page.

They work particularly well with animation (download the animated example). Convert a bulleted list into a group of panels, and you can then use the panels as a tracker: simply group the panels, reduce their size, and position them consistently in a corner of the content area. Then color each panel appropriately as you move through your presentation.

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