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Framework: BA002 – 0300


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3 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions

Part of series: BA002 Bullet Alternatives 002 – Ribbon

Series Keywords: ribbon; list, descriptor, trackers, sequence, steps, unfold, bullet alternative, graphic bullet list

Place text in horizontal boxes. The layering order should be that the horizontal boxes are on top and the polygons are in the back. For animation of on-screen presentations:the horizontal bars should wipe from the left and the background polygons should wipe from the right.The animation order should be from top to bottom:top bar wipe left, attaching polygon wipe right, bottom bar wipe left, and so forth until the last box. The polygon should be formatted to begin on the click and the following horizontal box is animated to start after previous.

These ribbons can be used as a table of contents and as trackers to help give your presentation structure and act as a navigational aid for your audience. See tutorial on trackers for a full explanation and tips.

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