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Framework: RB014 – rb014_1100


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11 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: RB014 Ribbon Flow 014 – Figure 8 with wings

Series Keywords: infinity, figure 8, cycle, vicious, virtuous, pivot, flow

The figure 8 on its side is a symbol for infinity, but when segmented it can illustrate a conceptual message as well. The series example depicts a virtuous cycle comprised of two separate but connected sets of activities. These graphics are not easily drawn in PowerPoint – and they're not easily drawn in other graphics programs because of the overlap – but they are useful in vividly illustrating cycles around two pivot points or a single cycle that capitalizes on the "infinity" message. Although the two parts overlap, some of the variations may be used to illustrate an intersection.

Because of the overlap, the continuous, 1-segment, and 2-segment variations are not drawn as individual segments. The segment fills and lines are comprised of several fields. The segments in the 3- through 12-segment variations are all drawn as separate and individual segments comprised of only 1 field.

This series contains figure-8 variations with wings. If you do not want wings (arrowheads), refer to RB013.

The tutorial has good tips on usage and formatting techniques.

Key search words: infinity, figure 8, cycle, vicious, virtuous, pivot, flow

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