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Framework: FR038 – rf038_0108_v1


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1 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
8 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: FR038 Force 038 – Eruption/Launch

Series Keywords: launch, erupt, flow, burst, event, splash, fountain, gush

These eruption/launch frameworks can be applied to several concepts: they can be used to show a type of flow, a burst, an unplanned or planned event, a fountain of ideas, and more. The eruption/launch elements are stylistic variations of from 1 to 10 segments.

The source can either be a volcano, which indicates an unplanned event) or a barrel (which indicates a planned or staged event. You can replace the volcano or barrel with your company's logo to indicate a product launch if you wish. You can also use other source points that better suit your message.

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