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Framework: TO030 – to030_0300_v2


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3 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: TO030 Tool 030 – Arcs – Radiating Arcs

Series Keywords: radiate, qualify, quantify, describe, identify, categorize, category, value, description

These arcs can be used with qualitative charts (as in the series example) or quantitative charts (data-driven charts). A variation from this series can easily be placed behind the main chart to help qualify or quantify the data or information.

There are two versions of the arcs: v1 are variations that do not sync with axis tick marks; v2 are variations that include the axes in series TO006. One of the two variations are usable to help classify the information or data plotted on two axes. Please note that v1s are drawn for a square and v2s are drawn for a rectangle.

Also see series re053 for a similar layout but using boxes.

These arcs are particularly useful when coupled with scatter charts.

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