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Framework: FR026 – fr026_0400_v1


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4 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: FR026 Force 026 – Swirl Out

Series Keywords: transfer, migrate, migration, transference, swirl out, spin out, osmosis, radiate, effects, generate, broadcast

The swirl out series helps you visually communicate activity or objects flowing out of a central object. These variations can be used to convey a specific transference/migration (each individual arrow represents a specific activity) or general transference (the group of arrows represent a single transference/migration).

There are two variations in this series: small arrows ad large arrows. If you're unsure which variation will work best with your content, download them both and try them out. The larger arrows are bolder and work best with less text. The smaller arrows are more subtle and work best with more text.

Circular or arced WordArt is very effective with this series. See the tutorial for ideas about how to use WordArt. The tutorial also shares techniques for sizing the arrows and circles for a more tailored slide. The animated example offers a possible animation scheme.

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