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Framework: TI018 – ti018_0900_v1


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9 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: TI018 Timing 018 – Fishbone

Series Keywords: timing, phases, progression, timeline, fishbone, affiliations, contributions, participants, contributors, responsibilities

These frameworks are so versatile. They can be used to show so many types of timing concepts as well as a creative way to show process stages with associated text/graphics. The lines extending from the segments can contain participants, contributors, responsibilities, affiliations, etc.

The series example is an interesting way to illustrate the development and history of a product/market without the usual tables with bulleted text. The graphic designs are generic logos with the example company name. There's can be a lot of information on this type of slide if done creatively.

There are two versions, each with 12 segments. The thin version is for dates/years or single-word descriptors. The thick version is for larger amounts of text. The lines can be adjusted/removed as needed.

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