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Framework: AV019 – av019_v2


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7 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: AV019 Arrow Variation 019 – Forward Arrows

Series Keywords: forward thinking, looking ahead, moving forward, projections, goal, advancements

This layout is a nice alternative to circles surrounding and feeding into a central object. Each column of arrows (with tabs for text) can represent its own group (as in the series example). The two columns of arrows do not need to contain the same number of arrows. You can mix and match sets of arrows; and we've included all of the variations in one download to make this easy for you.

The concepts that work with this type of layout are forward thinking, looking ahead, moving forward, projections, goals, advancements, etc.

Once you have selected the arrow columns you want on your slide, you can group the columns and size them to occupy the space on your slide perfectly. Then just select a picture, graphic, image, or chart to place in the center.

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