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Framework: RB039 – rb039_0500_v5


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5 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: RB039 Ribbon Flow 039 – Arc Variation

Series Keywords: arc flow chart, arc flow graphic, half-circle flow chart

This series is different than the arc flow series RB003 and RB004.  These arcs flow in a variety of directions, making it possible to use them to tell very specific stories. The series example shows how a set of steps that actually imply a continuous process in a very unique way. The three steps of Design, Develop, and Implement are the main process; but the whole process includes a Refine step that flows back into Implement. This is a more accurate depiction of this type of process than a standard four-step horizontal flow. The half circle that contains the picture under the flow is a separate field that you can either use or delete as you wish. We like the picture imported into the half-circle shape because the spaces between the flow arrows aren't obscured by photograph edges if you were to simply place the rectangle photograph behind the flow.

See RB040 for this graphic using arrows instead of chevrons.

Check the tutorial for additional uses and formatting tips.

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