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Framework: FR061 – fr061_0200v1


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2 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: FR061 Force 061 – Pass-Through/Penetration Outward

Series Keywords: pressure, radiate, penetrate, pass through, influence, break barriers, segmentation, core, penetration, pass-through, influences, circle segments, arrows to center, arrow from center, infiltration, invasion, encroach, breakthrough chart

This series is able to show combinations of concepts at the same time: segmentation, core, penetration, pass-through, influences, etc. A simple, but hard-working graphic: use it with text only or import pictures into the segments. They are easy to use and format – see tutorial for ideas. See the series fr056 for these frameworks with arrows pointing inward.

There are two variations of the frameworks with two through six segments. All the fields in these frameworks are editable.

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