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Framework: FR015 – fr015_1100


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11 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: FR015 Force 015 – Outward Pressure/Influence

Series Keywords: pressure, exert force, surround, impose, affect, crowd in upon, outward pressure, outward influence, radiate out

It's difficult to show pressure being exerted on an object. These frameworks are only one field and will work nicely to illustrate a round/circular object or image exerting pressure outward. The frameworks in this series were designed to work perfectly with the basic circular flows (cf003 and cf004). The arrows line up perfectly with the segments. You don't need to use the circular flows with these frameworks, however. A photograph and text can occupy the space within the circle/arrows just as nicely.

This series is the counterpart to series fr039, which is a circle with arrows on the inside, pointing inward.

Check out this FAQ to learn how to create perfectly round WordArt for this series.

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