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Framework: RE051 – re051_v1_4-12 rows

re051_v1_4-12 rows

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4 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: RE051 Relationship 051 – Adjacency Matrix

Series Keywords: adjacency matrix chart, adjacency matrices, matrix variation chart, seating arrangement chart, building layout adjacency layout

These matrices are typically used for preparing to develop a building layout (see series example). But it might also be useful to establish a basis for a seating plan for a large function, etc. Really, it might be used in any situation where adjacencies or associations are important.

There are two downloads:

  • Variations of matrices up to 12 rows
  • Variations of matrices between 13 and 36 rows.

Some of the matrices also have extra columns to the left of the adjacency matrices in case it's important to include extra information. The matrices are drawn as fields instead of a table. This allows you to add the large circle as a text object within the diamond shapes. Add a legend and you can add other layers of information to the slide. You can also select other shapes (maybe a square of triangle) from the symbol menu to add even more layers of information.

See the tutorial for more information about how to use and format these matrices.

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