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Framework: TT013 – tt013_download


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1 - Primary or Horizontal Divisions
1 - Secondary or Vertical Divisions

Part of series: TT013 Text Table 013 – Pros and Cons

Series Keywords: pros and cons chart, comparison chart, comparison tables, pros and cons tables

While this layout is perfect for displaying pros and cons, it is certainly not limited to that concept. Any comparison between two topics can use this layout. The center oval contains the topic and the top and bottom blowouts provide a table with heading and description rows. There are eight variations: eight columns on both top and bottom; but they can be combined with any number of tables in the download (as was done in the series example). All of the layouts are in one download to make it fast and easy to copy and paste tables from one page to another.

The columns are also set up so that they are equally sized, but you can adjust the width of individual columns if you wish. A reminder, however, is that these layouts will only work if text does not extend the table vertically beyond the bounding box. See the tutorial for more information about how to use these tables.

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