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Arrow Variation 021

Graduated Segmented Arrows

Graduated Segmented Arrows example of possible use

The arrows in this series get larger as they build from left to right across the slide, implying that the magnitude of the flow increases. All of the framework downloads are uniformly sized and spaced, and each arrow is drawn with one to four slices. This makes it possible to create a large variety of configurations by combining arrows from several framework downloads within this series. Notice the series example: each arrow has a different number of slices. Arrows from av021_0401, av021_0402, av021_0403, and av021_0404 were used to create the series example.

This is an eye-catching and effective way to illustrate flow concepts.

Key search words: graduated, growing, sections, slices, flow, arrow


Tutorial for Graduated Segmented Arrows

Keywords: graduated, growing, sections, slices, flow, arrow

Categories: Flows, Flows - Arrow Variations

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