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AV023 – Arrow Variation 023 – Ricochet Arrows


These arrow sets are for use when you need to convey a ricochet action or arrow redirect. They are not the usual swooping arrows that are commonly seen. The work well with the bubble series (CN048) when you want to show something that is protected but is being assaulted (as in the series example). Some of these arrow shafts can even contain text.

There are several sets of arrows in this series. Here's how they break down:

  • V01 through V06 and V11 are editable in PowerPoint. You can apply fill and line colors and all types of formatting.
  • V07 through v10 are not editable in PowerPoint 2003, but they can be recolored in PowerPoint 2007. The series example shows arrows that have been recolored in this manner. There are gradients applied to these arrows.

The V07 through v11 arrows are also drawn as arrows that are moving to the front (large arrows) and moving to the back (small arrows) so that there is some "depth" on the slide.

Refer to the tutorial for more formatting information. There is no animated example for this series, because the arrows cannot be animated except with simple reveals.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Arrow Variation 023 – Ricochet Arrows

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

AV023 – av023_v01

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AV023 – av023_v02

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AV023 – av023_v03

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AV023 – av023_v04

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AV023 – av023_v05

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AV023 – av023_v06

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AV023 – av023_v07

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AV023 – av023_v08

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AV023 – av023_v09

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AV023 – av023_v10

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AV023 – av023_v11

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