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Arrow Variation 034

Reducing Arrows

Reducing Arrows example of possible use

There are four versions of these arrow variations:

  1. One unattached arrowhead at the right – this allows you to change the color or size of the arrowhead, which implies that a transformation has occurred; the arrowhead can be removed to show a simple reduced connection between two objects
  2. Unattached arrowheads at the right for each segment – keep all or some remove the arrowheads; change color of arrowheads to add an additional layer of information to the slide
  3. One attached arrowhead at the right – these variations are one field; format with gradients to imply intensities or concentrations
  4. Attached arrowheads at the right for each segment – each segment can receive its own color to add an additional layer of information to the slide; format gradients to imply intensities or concentrations.

Choose the version that best helps you deliver your message. Each variation contains from 1 to 10 arrows. Combine these arrow flows with other PowerFrameworks graphics, like what is shown on the series example. The transparent funnel represents a transformative event.

Refer to the tutorial for additional usage and formatting help.


Tutorial for Reducing Arrows

Keywords: reductions, transforming arrows, reducing arrows, swooping arrows, transformation, intensities, concentrations, zeroing in, consolidating, consolidate

Categories: Flows - Arrow Variations

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