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BA003 – Bullet Alternatives 003 – Box Out


Use the box to highlight each bullet/topic within a document/presentation.The other bullets/topics are to the right, unhighlighted.There are three downloadable positions for this bullet alternative; but, as you can see, the example shows it adapted to four bullets/topics.See tutorial for instructions on how to do this. Also, animate in on-screen presentations for greater effect.

The first three frameworks are emfs. They can be pulled into most applications. The rest of the frameworks are downloadable PowerPoints in different configurations: the first set has three boxouts on three different pages, the next has four on four different pages, ... This is the way these frameworks are meant to work. The progression is from page to page, not within an individual page.

Key search words: box out, list, text, descriptor, definition, trackers, agenda; highlight

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Bullet Alternative 003 – Box Out

Frameworks available in this series

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BA003 – 0100

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BA003 – 0200

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BA003 – 0300

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BA003 – pp0300

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BA003 – pp0400

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BA003 – pp0500

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BA003 – pp0600

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BA003 – pp0700

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BA003 – pp0800

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