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Bullet Alternatives 004

Horizontal File Tabs

Bullet Alternatives 004 – Horizontal File Tabs example of possible use

This series of bullet alternatives suggests folder tabs as a means of both structuring your presentation and also as a tracker (although we don't recommend you put the tab treatment on every page as you would with some trackers). The tabs can be placed either above the chart title or below it. Each time a new tab is presented, the space below can provide information about what is contained or will be discussed in the section.

The content for the tabs should be restricted to sentence fragments or single words, depending on the size of the tab. This method does not work as well if you need to put a lot of text in the tabs, although you can enlarge the tabs if more space is needed.

If you will be importing the emfs, be sure to refer to the tutorial for best practices. No animated example is provided for this series; it works better without animation.

Key search words: structure, file tabs, agenda, tracker, bullets, filing, organization, sequence

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Bullet Alternative 004 – Horizontal File Tabs

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