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Bullet Alternative 008


Compartments example of possible use

This series allows you to compartmentalize the bullets and subordinate information, either bullets or a supporting paragraph. It also provides a field for a picture or graphic to help convey your message or establish an icon. Notice that the edges are rounded except for where the picture field and horizontal bar meet? This is difficult to accomplish in pre-PowerPoint 2007 so you won't see this layout often if at all. They are a little easier to develop in PowerPoint 2007, but consistency is difficult to maintain. The frameworks in this series will save you time and provide layouts with consistently shaped rounded corners as long as they are scaled when resized.

The frameworks provided in this series were developed in two major formats.

  1. The V01 and V02: The V01 horizontal bar height is smaller than the height of the V02 horizontal bar. Decide which version you wish to use based on this difference
  2. The a version and the b version: The version a horizontal bar stretches the full width of the slide and the version b is for use in half-page layouts.

Each set comes with one through four bar/picture layouts. This bullet alternative is for use when you only have a few bullets, as slides will not accommodate more than four without the layouts becoming very small. If you're using these series for printouts only, you can add a fifth or sixth without impacting readability.

The corner curves and angles are all consistent. They have been scaled so that different frameworks within this series can be used in your presentation and remain consistent. When rounded-corner fields are pulled or stretched without scaling, they distort and lose their cohesive look. Therefore, make sure you think carefully about what you download; and if you must resize, hold the shift key down as you do so. This is the method we used to develop the three- and four-layout stacked slides.

Refer to the tutorial for tips on formatting and animation.


Tutorial for Compartments

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