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BA015 – Bullet Alternatives 015


This framework is perfect for introducing topics with short text strings that flow into a comment or summary. The variations range from three topics to six topics – less than three and more than six are too sparse/cramped.

They are easy to use and format. The PowerPoint downloads already have a gradient applied to the chevron. You just need to change the color to match your template.

Animation schemes can be simple reveals like wipes or fades. Download the animation example for another idea. The tutorial will also provide formatting ideas.

There are two variations for each framework: V1) the shooting bullet follows the line of the chevron point and V2) all shooting bullets are right aligned.

TUTORIAL: Tutorial for Bullet Alternative 015

Frameworks available in this series

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image of that framework.

BA015 – ba015_0103_v1

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BA015 – ba015_0103_v2

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BA015 – ba015_0104_v1

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BA015 – ba015_0104_v2

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BA015 – ba015_0105_v1

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BA015 – ba015_0105_v2

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BA015 – ba015_0106_v1

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BA015 – ba015_0106_v2

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