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Bullet Alternative 016

Bars and Compartments

Bars and Compartments example of possible use

In addition to bullet alternatives, the frameworks in this series can be used to lay information out in a stylish way on almost any slide (see the series example). There are so many variations – some compartments to hold text and others to hold graphics or pictures – that they can be used as a recurring style theme throughout the presentation.

What makes these frameworks work so well together is that all of the corners have been created with the same arc. Consistency is an important feature of professionally produced presentations. The downloads have also been formatted in a really nice way – gradients, semitransparencies, line colors – so all you need to do is change the colors in the Fill Effects menu. They can also be formatted in a number of ways (see the series tutorial); so they will blend with your presentation template's style preferences.


Tutorial for Bars and Compartments

Keywords: bars, compartments

Categories: Bullet Alternatives, Segments

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